Once more we organize EURODINNER! Cook something traditional of your country and join us to taste Europe and beyond!

Wanna try all kinds of food from all around Europe? And all this in one place? No problem! 

We present to you an International Dinner where you can share your cooking skills and your grandma's recipes! :D

ESN members will also prepare Polish food - so you will have a chance to try Polish home-cooked food for a change, instead of eating in polish restaurants!

In addition to all the meals we all prepare, we will bring drinks (juices, water, sodas) and some sweet and salty snacks just to make it more challenging for your stomach.

Dinner will take place at the dorm in Karolkowa, in the common room!




We must admit that the Eurodinner this year has been a great success. Thanks to all of you for coming and preparing so many delicious dishes!

There were local specialities from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Turkey and Poland. It has been used a wide range of spices to flavor the food. So the lovers of sweets and desserts, as well as, of the main meals could have definitely found new favourite delicacy among them.

The photos from the event are available to view at our fanpage on facebook, where you can tag yourselves or in the gallery at this site.