ESN invites you to participate in the "Christmas with polish family". This is a program that is designed to enable you to spend your holidays in a family atmosphere even if you can’t back to your own home. 

However, it has many other advantages - you can see how Poles spend Christmas and hear interesting stories about Polish history or culture. You will be able to tell about your country and get them interested in stories from your lives. 

This program is directed to all the Erasmus students who remain in Poland for Christmas (24-26.12). Regardless of origin, culture or religion, each of you should see how Christmas is celebrated in Poland. In addition, you will be able to spend the holidays in a warm atmosphere and enjoy a great Polish food. It will definitely be a great experience for you and your hosts. You have opened up for the world, do not close for the Christmas - you're Erasmus! 

For those who are determined to spend the holidays with a Polish family are asked to fill out the form below. There is no guarantee that we can find a family who will be able to host you - it depends on the number of Erasmus students and families applicants.

If You want to spend Christmas with Polish Family, fiil the form:

Kontakt / Contact:
Jagoda Rzeszotarska (
Olga Olkowicz (

24/12/2015 to 26/12/2015