Christmas is coming!
Festive decoraction, lights everywhere, Christmas songs playing in every mall!

Are you excited about it just like we are!? Let's celebrate it all together!
We prepared a special festive dinner to meet one more time before Christmas and celebrate it all together.
There will be a lot of food, prepared for us by Smaczek - our University's cafeteria.

Also, we had a special delivery from Santa! A little gifts for all of you! (I guess you've been all good this year! :D)

Dinner will take place on December 17th at 19:00 at Didactic Center level -1. PLEASE, be on time, it's super important since the dinner will be prepared at this exact time, and well, nobody likes to eat cold.




Merry Christmas everyone!

After such a beautiful dinner, breaking of the Christmas Polish wafer 'opłatek' and receiving Christmas gifts we hope that you all would remember well the Christmas time at our University.

As times goes by, maybe in one year you come back to the carols which were performed during our gathering.
From Polish ones there was 'Przybieżeli do Betlejem', but the carols such as 'Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki' or 'Wśród nocnej ciszy' are also ones of the most well – known.

We were extremely happy as some of you had some additional queries about Polish Christmas traditions.
We hope that now the meanings of breaking the wafer 'opłatek', the mystery of the empty place at the table or waiting for the appearance of first star to begin celebrations are clear to all of you.
If not, feel free and don't hesitate to contact us via email or fb to ask about them ;).

One more time let us wish you all joy and happiness during the next entire year 2015!